Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio Atlanta

Now Open in Buckhead!

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3077 East Shadowlawn Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30305

Virginia Highlands
776 North Highland Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

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Monday ~ Friday  10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am ~ 5pm
Sunday 12pm ~ 5pm

Monday ~ Friday  10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am ~ 5pm
Sunday 12pm ~ 5pm

~ R e g i s t e r   f o r   U p d a t e s   &   S p e c i a l   O f f e r s !

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Sugaring, an ancient middle-eastern practice that uses an all natural paste made from sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root.

There are no wax presevatives or resin in the unique sugar paste. Sugaring is also less painfull than waxing because the sugar adheres to only the hair, not the skin.


Wax ~ $35 Brazilian


Spray Tanning

Our golden sol tanning solution is 100% natural and contains white tea extracts along with aloe and chammomile to nourish and moisturize the skin. We also ofer a variety of tanning levels that can be customized to your skin type.

Single Session                                                                $25

Five Sessions                                                                 $100


Body Scrub & Polish

The outer layer of skin accumulates dead skin cells that normal bathing does not remove. Regular exfoliation with a body scrub will remove the dead layer of your skin and reveal a youger, smother, softer and healthier looking skin. All of our body scrubs are 100% natural and contain no chemicals or additives!

Brazilian Coffee Body Scrub            45  min / $55

This one smells just divine, and the caffeine found in coffee increases blood flow and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The application of the coffee scrub helps remove toxins in the skin!

Brown Sugar Body Scrub                  45  min / $55

Sugar doesn’t have to add "kilos" to your body.... Our brown sugar scrub gently exfoliates your skin and leaves you smooth and shiny from head to toe.

Lemongrass Body Scrub                  45  min / $55

Lemongrass has been found to help in recovery of the common cold & flu by reducing fevers, cramps, and arthritic pain as well as aiding in digestion. It has been used in Chinese medicine for a very long time... Our lemongrass body scrub will not only help you relax but will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

Green Tea Body Scrub                     45  min / $55

This scrub will fight free radical damage, while also reducing age spots and fine lines. Green tea also helps dissolve dead skin cells. Our green tea scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth!



Each facial begins with a deep pore cleasing utilizing 100% Pure products. Following an analysis of your skin's individual characteristics, it is cleaned, toned and exfoliated to enchance the effectiveness of extractions. A massage of your face, neck & hand is included to invoke deep relaxation, before a mask is applied!

The 100% Pure skincare line is truly 100% Pure.

There are no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances or colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.

Sweet Peach                                          45 min / $50

Jasmine Green Tea                            45 min / $60

Mint White                                            45 min / $60

Super Fruit                                            45 min / $60

Microdermabrasion                          45 min / $50

Back Facial                                             35 min / $50

Pamper your back! The back facial includes cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, a treatment mask, and a full back massage.


Brazilian Secret Service

Shapes      $10

Hearts, exclamation points, stars, etc... whatever you want we will make it for you!

Vajazzle      $15

It's not only about sparkly. It's bedazzling your lady parts with Swarovski crystals... usually last 2-5days!

The Sweet Spot Facial     $45

This service is used to treat ingrown hairs, discolorations, and breakouts. Cucumber cleanser is applied, then a gentle sugar and honey scrub is used for exfoliating and dissolving dead skin.



Sweet Peach Wax & Sugaring Studio is a pristine, full-service organic sugaring boutique and the first spa in Georgia to utilize the ancient art of sugaring hair removal!

Sugaring utilizes a 100% all-natural paste and provides a gentler & less painful experience than waxing, because the sugar mixture sticks to the hair without attaching to the skin.

We offer a variety of beauty services and products including all-natural body scrubs, back facials, anti-aging treatments, microdermabrasion, airbrush spray tanning and our very own line of natural body scrubs.

We believe in a peaceful, friendly and hygienic environment. We do not recycle our products, and we always sanitize and replace the beds with fresh covers between clients.

The team at Sweet Peach will put you at ease whether it’s your first time or a waxing regular! We promise to offer you an approachable and affordable experience year after year. It’s no wonder the Sweet Peach has been named as the “Best In Atlanta” in numerous local and national publications!